100% Natural, no additives, gluten & dairy free, suitable for vegans

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Once you've tasted a Granny's Secret and Forest Bounty product you'll love it! We've had some great feed back from our clients, see what they's had to say.

Winner of the Best Packaging in the World, Sydney 2013

‘GRANNY’S SECRET is the best line of natural home-style food products on Serbian market and Peter Gregson Studio’s task was to create a completely new glass packaging and labels for their products. Since all of our art directors had beautiful warm memories of their grandmas, it didn’t take long to incorporate them into the design. The label reminds of the old fashioned lacework communicating the tradition and luxury simultaneously and emphasizing that consumers will get a premium product. Furthermore, gentle shapes of the glass packaging were chosen to remind the consumers of the warmth and the taste of grandma’s kitchen’.

Peter Gregson Studio

The Jam of Gods! I had to check my pulse because....

Hi Awesome Guys and Gals at Granny’s Secret UK,

I just wanted to let y’all know that you have the best jam ever! Honestly, it’s the only one I’ll use!

I absolutely adore jam, and fairly recently learned about no added sugar ones. So the first thing I did was a hop and skip down to my local shop and so I could give yours a try. I picked up the strawberry one. It was good, really good. Tasted exactly like the normal one I used to buy, but more strawberry-ish… Well, just when I thought I was in the height of jam heaven, I stumbled across your raspberry jam.

And to cut a long story short I had to check my pulse because I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!! Seriously, it’s so tasty!! And I love that guys only use the best ingredients and nothing weird! 100% fruit! Blood amazing! I can really feel confident that I’m not getting any rubbish when I eat your jams! I can’t wait to try the rest of them – the wild blueberry one I’m particularly looking forward to as I bloody love blueberries!! And the rosehip one sounds super interesting – never tried rosehip jam before!! Can’t wait ’til I can get my hands on it! I’ve even got my mum on the stuff and she now always has some of your raspberry jam in, and she has to hide it when I come home otherwise she knows it’ll be gone. Even my dads started eyeing it and asking ‘what’s this???’ as well when looking through the cupboards, so she’s probably gonna have to find a new hiding place! It’s that bloody brilliant!

Anyways y’all, keep doin’ God’s work,

Love Your Biggest Fan Ever,

Ameenah Aumeed

I thought the taste of the Organic Wild blackberry nectar

I thought the taste of the Organic Wild blackberry nectar was as close to standing by a hedgerow and squeezing it fresh myself as you could get!

Dino Brag , Juice Bar London

Best ajvar in the world

For folks not from my region (Central Europe): ajvar is a vegetable relish, based on red paprika peppers, usually also mixed with eggplant, garlic, etc…

The basic variety of ajvar consists solely of high quality red paprika that you roast until it’s skin gets charred black, then you peel it, cut into pieces and cook on good sunflower oil on large flat pans with a bit of salt until tender.

I’ve tasted quite a few variations of ajvar while in uni dormatory, as I had a lot of friends from the Balkans where it is a kind of national food, but the best I’ve tasted so far trumps all the home made ones – it is Bakina tajna (Granny’s secret) “hand made fire roasted red pepper relish” from these guys in Serbia .

It is absolutely free of any additives whatsoever, it only contains the paprika, oil and salt and you can taste it. It goes great as a sidekick to whatever meat or veggie you enjoy, spread on bread or just plain, as I like it most.

Tony, Australia

I can't find a place that sells this amazing product

Hi there, I’m trying to find a place that will sell or I can order your veggie delight roasted red pepper spread. If you can help that would be brilliant. I live in pontyclun in Wales, UK. I can’t find a place that sells this amazing product!

Many thanks Pip

I think people will be falling over to buy these very unique spreads

I think people will be falling over to buy these very unique spreads.. used to bring the ajvar from Serbia before the problem with carrying liquids etc,, Anyone reading this try these spreads, they are soooo healthy and peppers contain an enormous amount of vitamin C… fabulous food do try them folk’

Amanda Celar

I love the story and look of Granny's Secret!

Hi Snezana, I love the story and look (congrats for the award!) of Granny’s Secret! Where in Scotland can I find your products? I’m Romanian myself and totally in love with Serbian cuisine 😉 Many thanks and keep up the great work!
Thank you!

Thank you! Alina

I fell in love with it from my very first taste

I just got an apricot jam in my hands. I fell in love with it from my very first taste. It’s like my mother would have made it. Where can we buy it in Sweden or is there a webshop we can buy from? Best regards.

Cornelia, Sweden

Do you deliver to Sydney Australia

Hi, I was at a my friend’s place (Snezana from Belgrade too!) and tasted the yummy Rosehip jam. I have been looking around but in our local Woolworths, there’s only the Apricot Jam. Can we order online? and do you deliver to Sydney Australia? Thank you!


Love this jam

Hi Folks, just purchased your jams here in Woolworths, Australia. This is far the best jam I have ever tasted! It is so great to find such a fantastic product around…Thank you!

Kind Regards, Parys

Deliciously comforting

There is something deliciously comforting about this roasted red pepper spread …it’s vibrant orange, has a sweet, mellow smokiness and tastes remarkably home made and pure…’

Crumbs magazine

I have never tasted anything nicer before!

I have been Chef for 26 years, but I have never tasted anything nicer before! These flavours are delicious: Lutenica, Hot Ajvar, 100% Blueberry jam, sour cherry coulis …!

Will, Anderson&Hill Birmingham

Blown away

Tried your Wild Strawberry Fruit Preserve – Coulis for the first time today at a party in New York and was blown away! Do you have your products in USA?

Alla Gershburg, New York

I am absolutely sold on these wonderful jams and preserves

I am absolutely sold on these wonderful jams and preserves, do you sell direct or only via shops? You really deserve praise because the presentation is attractive to begin but the contents are fantastic and as I say produce a Proustian experience of my childhood! Just wonderful! In particular I am thrilled by the Apricot 100% and Rosehip 100% which reminds me of my childhood. Absolutely wonderful product and will try the red pepper spreads next! Kind regards.

Patricia Harrison,Managing Director,Ceci Paolo Limited

Your jams are the best I have ever bought from a shop.

G’day my name is Andy. I have bought your Apricot Jam here in Brisbane Australia but it is no longer available at Woolworths or Coles . Is your product still available in Brisbane? Your jams are the best I have ever bought from a shop.

Yours sincerely, Andrew Macklan

She just loved your cranberry juice

Hi we live in Alabama. I was over there last week with my wife and she just loved your cranberry juice. She won’t stop talking about it. Do you ship to the United States or is there a location in the US where I can order?

Sean McLaughlin

It is the Best tasting strawberry jam since I can remember!

I have been been blown away by the products and concept of Grannys Secret. I did not know Granny’s secret until a couple of days ago when buying and tasting the strawberry jam. It is the best tasting strawberry jam since I can remember… Very curiously i dug further into the concept and became as well very excited about the story.

Mr Burghouts Danone General manager for Czech Republic (Switzerland, Belgium & Holland previously)

I have been searching for this taste for years

Just a bit of sentimental feed back. Just bought and tasted your apricot jam from Woolworths store in Melbourne, I nearly cried. It’s sensational. I have been searching for this taste for years. In the 80’s, as a teenager, I stayed with a family in Baja, Southern Hungary. They had apricot trees and made their own jam. I adored it. At the time, I fell in love with the family’s son but looking back on it, I’m sure it was the jam that did it. I have tried hundreds of brands of apricot jam since then, searching for that taste, and today I found it. Having looked at your website, I see the Serbian connection may be the secret! Thank you. Don’t stop making it and sending it all this way. Ps, your importers here are Marco Polo Foods. Happy making….!

Polly Freeman

My partner and I absolutely love your Wild Blackberry Jam

My partner and I absolutely love your Wild Blackberry Jam- but unfortunately they are disappearing from our shelves. Are you able to tell me is there any way we can get our hands on some more?
Look forward to hearing from you.

Shaunee Carson, Melbourne, Australia

The most delicious juice I have ever had

I tried your sour cherry juice in our local deli and thought it was the most delicious juice I have ever had ! we run a small ballet school and would like to see a price list of products with a view to selling them there.


Better & healthier than Ketchup - Serbian Ajvar

My love affair with ajvar began about a month ago. I happened upon a jar of the stuff while at the local market here in Kragujevac with a friend, where she casually recommended that I buy a jar of this common Serbian condiment.

Reluctantly, I purchased a bottle of the mushy, red sauce in a glass jar from an elderly lady’s stand. I’m all about jumping in head first to new food cultures, you know, so why wouldn’t I try it?

When I got home, I figured I would at least try a spoonful of it prior to making lunch.
Perhaps it would go well with my roasted chicken?

And that’s when it happened.

If anyone had been in the kitchen at the time, they would have witnessed my eyes get round and huge with excitement, and a sly smile creep over my face as I literally Mmmm!’d all over the place.

It’s that good. It’s award winning good!

In fact, my previous love of organic ketchup has subsided (gasp!), replaced by another red condiment, full of rich flavor, texture, and nourishing goodness that had me at “first taste.”

Joules fuel

Ajvar – is the new ‘humous’ or taramasalata

I took this offer of free jams and Ajvar sampling, not only it arrived in pretty vintage packaging, it tasted delicious! I placed my order within hours…! Think the Roasted red pepper spread – Ajvar – is the new ‘humous’ or taramasalata’…Thank you!..

Rob, Holland

I close my eyes, and I feel like I am walking in a strawberry field

I close my eyes, and I feel like I am walking in a strawberry field’ – ….a customer having tried Wild Strawberry nectar juice…..

…some of the purest organically produced food and drink available on the Planet.

The Observer

I’ve never tried a nicer tomato & celery juice – it is like eating tomatoes!

I’ve never tried a nicer tomato & celery juice – it is like eating tomatoes! We’ll cancel our other orders and buy Granny’s secret one…And the blueberry and blackberry juices, they are not too sweet, as they have no sugar, just the real fruit flavour – amazing- Cheers!

PR from Harrods Food Hall…

The most delicious juice I have ever had

Before you came, I thought ‘I wouldn’t get anything’, but your passion and love of this food is the ‘one off’ ….now I am ordering these gorgeous jams and juices for my breakfast Menu!

Sarah Arkin, Upmarket Boutique hotel owner

Clean taste, and it is truly delicious

We have similar spreads in our shop, but we’d like to try your Granny’s Secret Serbian Ajvar, as it is got a clean taste, and it is truly delicious! Plus my customers would like the fact that it is ‘sugar free, gluten free’ and made only of 3 ingredients! Amazing!

Paul Wick, Deli Owner

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