Winter Salad - Ayvar Roasted Red Pepper

Feb 09, 2015


​An ancient Balkan recipe. Red peppers are fire roasted, hand peeled and mixed with garlic then slow cooked with a little oil. Only four ingredients!

This mild, piquant meze goes perfectly with:

nice crusty bread, strong cheeses, cold meats, eggs, fish, or as a side dish by itself.

Serving suggestions: with jacket potatoes, panninis, burgers, pasta, pizza's, mezze etc etc.

Versions: Mild or Hot in 4 varieties:

1. Ayvar - Sweet Red peppers only (mild and hot version with chillies).

2. Pindjur (mild)/ Lutenica (hot) - 'Veggie delight' ( a special recipe, with nothing but vegetables slow cooked into an amazing spread, creating an unforgettable taste of fire roasted red pepper, garlic and ripe tomatoes). 



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