Our Whole Fruit Preserves are lovingly made in a home environment, keeping traditional alive, and the goodness within every jar. 


We have captured authentic tastes and aromas from hand-picked, naturally grown fruits to make a beautiful product. The recipe and method allows you to enjoy whole fruit pieces, not too soft, suspended in a deliciously fruity 'coulis' sauce.  

Serving suggestions: This amazing product can be loved in many serving ways, such as with puddings, cakes, bakes, meringues, tarts, pancakes, on breakfast cereal, with yogurt, as a dessert topping and much more!

Awards: Sour Cherry Whole Fruit Preserve has won GTA Two Gold Stars in 2013 and it is one of our bestsellers. This preserve can also be found@Selfridges&Co Foodhall.

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The range comes in: Wild Strawberry, Sour Cherry, Wild Blueberry, Wild Blackberry, and Raspberry, 

Allergy Information: Nut free, gluten and dairy free, free of any additives, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Shelf life & packaging: 2 Years shelf life. Sold in 375 g jars.Winning design packaging. 

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Serving suggestions: as a topping on porridge, jogurt, rice pudding, ice cream, as addition to cheeses or cheese cakes, pancakes, or as a cooking sauce for pultry (pan fried duck etc).