100% pure fruit and vegetable juices, made by using cold pressing methods, preserving the best of nature and not taking anything away!

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Granny's secret juices Granny's Secret juices are enjoyed the specialist food stores, delis with cafes, country style and international hotels with Spa's, private aviation industry and more!  

Welcome to Granny's Secret all-natural juices. The range of ten flavours use only the best selected fruits and vegetables and the cold press processing commences within 24 hours of picking. The number of berries or tree fruits enjoyed in a bottle can be seen on a little green label.

Production: Here's the secret…..during the production process we also press the skins of the fruits. These provide high fibre content and maximises the nutrients. The goodness held in each bottle is amazing! The methods and recipes have been passed down by generations, giving an extraordinary depth.

The taste of our fruit juices is carefully balanced with white grape juice, so it's all natural. Our tomato and celery vegetable juice is balanced with a little vinegar and sugar.  

'Taste the wild blueberry fruit juice close your eyes and you will be walking in the woodland surrounded with fruit trees and berries, on a nice summer’s day, with a basket in your hands as if you were picking those strawberries, you can actually feel the fragrance in the air of them being picked and placed in your hands....'


Sourcing: We source only the very best produce, grown in ecologically protected areas of the Balkans, where the sunshine, rain and climate is ideal for wonderful annual harvests.

Fruit Juice Flavours: Raspberry ('Williams'), Wild Blueberry, Wild Blackberry, Wild apple, Apricot, Wild Cranberry, Black currant, Pear ('Williams'), Tomato & celery and Orange juice.


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Nutritional value: one 200ml bottle provides one in five of the daily fruits required. We recommend these juices as a convenient, all-year-round alternative to fresh fruits, and they are also suitable for young children thanks to no added sugar. Did you know the following benefits…?

Blackcurrant - is one of the richest in Vitamin c - much more than Kiwi or Orange. It is a good source of antioxidants that fight against certain cardiovascular diseases.

Wild Blackberry - was once used for soothing sore throat. It slows the appearance of certain cardio-vascular diseases and bad cholesterol. It is very rich in Iron and helps improve blood count.

Wild Cranberry - rich in antioxidants that slow ageing of the skin and prevent onset of certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases. The cranberry is also known to prevent urinary tract infections (cystitis)...

Wild Blueberry - is known to be one of the most antioxidant-rich fruits. It has beneficial effects on cataract and memory. It is also one of the low calorie - berries!

Wild Apple - rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, they are known to improve immunity and digestion.

Apricots - contain Beta carotene and proteins that are known to improve skin condition.

Great Taste Awards:

2013 Homestyle Apricot juice - One Gold Star,  

2014 Homestyle Apple juice - One Gold Star;

2015 Homestyle Raspberry juice - One gold Star ;

2016 Homestyle Blackcurrant juice - Two Gold Stars.

2017 Homestyle Tomato juice - One Gold Star


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Allergy Information: Nut free, sugar free, gluten and dairy free, Free of any additives, preservatives, Vegetarian.

Shelf life & packaging: 18 months shelf life, except of the Orange juice : 12 months. Sold in cases of 6 x 700ml and 12 x 200 ml.


Serving suggestions: Great for breakfast, lunches, cocktails, mid-morning or afternoon ‘pick me up’. Applicable for any age.We recommend these juices a great alternative to fresh fruits and as an introduction to our babies and children, to more fruit flavours (as no added sugar drinks). 

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