Fruit Jams

Granny's Secret Extra jams & Fruit spreads: Our Extra Fruit Jams have a high fruit content of 60-80%, much more than other brands, giving a wonderful burst of fruitiness!

The Extra Fruit Jam range is prepared exclusively by skilled staff as in a domestic cooking environment, following generations' of recipes and methods. The fruits are naturally harvested and only the best are cooked at source to bring you this delicious spread. No compromise is made; no additives, no artificial colours or flavours. So, you can enjoy this flavour-full jam with the confidence you are eating the best.

Flavours: Our range comes in Strawberry, Orange, Apricot, Plum, Fig, Raspberry, Wild Blueberry, Quince and Rosehip.

Plum JamStrawberryFig JamApricot JamRaspberry Extra Jam 240g.pngOrange Extra Jam 240g.pngWild Blueberry Extra Jam 240g.pngRosehip Extra Jam 240g.pngBOOKZBSQ3W_-_Copy.jpg

Allergy Information: Nut free, gluten and dairy free, free of any preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Shelf life & packaging: 2 Years shelf life. Sold in 240g jars with 9 selected flavours.

Awards: We won the Bronze Artisan Marmalade Award 2014 in Dalemain Cumbria, for our Orange Jam. The highest marks were given to the appearance - colour and aroma of a Seville orange.

Great Taste Awards :Orange jam was also granted 2 Gold Great taste award stars in 2014.

     1619592_508437225933265_1694375797_n.jpg Ekstra Jam Orange  240g GTA ENG - Copy.png


Serving suggestions: Rich in fruit content, they can be used as traditional jams but due to their slightly less sweet character they also make wonderful compotes, sauces for savoury dishes, baking accompaniments, or in yogurts etc….