Making Honey

Area from which honey comes is very important. Honey from ecologically protected wild forests of Serbia, is with superior quality. Our Forest Bounty raw honey is thick in texture and has a mild refreshing flavour of Acacia or Linden flowers!

Serbia is known for the production of exceptional quality raw honey, due to its micro climate and very rich vegetation. The honey is thick in consistency, with rich indulging flavour and very fragrant! Its authentic form makes it almost a feel good remedy for your physical and mental well being.

Benefits of Raw honey

Raw honey is well known to be rich in antioxidants, beneficial enzymes, vitamins and minerals that promote health. Coming from the wild forests, and selected areas of Linden or Acacia trees - we guarantee you pleasurable experience tasting and feeling the fragrance of these beautiful spring flowers. Yes - you can smell linden tree blossoms in our linden honey, whilst the thickness of pure Acacia honey is one unforgettable experience - and you may be reaching for more!...


Forest Bounty Honey

Types of honey

Depending from which the species was collected nectar, honey can be divided into uni-floral honey and multi-floral honey. Uni-floral honey is originated by the bees collected the nectar mainly from one plant species.

The most wanted uni-floral honeys are:

Acacia honey,
Linden honey.

We are bringing to you completely natural, raw unprocessed honey directly from the wild forests of Serbia, in 250g jars (case of 6).

Serving suggestions:

Very healthy and one perfect companion each morning before breakfast - a treat that no one can resist.

Add a spoonful of this indulging luxury on your morning toast, porridge or in herbal tea, or yoghurt - to kick start your day and give you a feel good factor.