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Granny's Secret range celebrates the deep red bell pepper variety grown only in a small Balkan region

Taste Ajvar and you are transported into the heart of the Serbian countryside of Kopaonik and South-Eastern Serbian region with field upon field of red pepper stretching across the hills. Harvest is a family affair where peppers are handpicked, smoked, peeled, and cooked to perfection. The sights, sounds, and smells of harvest and the preparation for the winter ahead echo back over the generations in a timeless rhythm of work and harmony. 

Ajvar is made of only four ingredients (roasted red pepper, sunflower oil, a little salt, and a dash of vinegar). Using low-temperature pasteurization, by skilled cooks a long shelf life achieved naturally by slow cooking over a long period of time. We do not add any preservatives, or additives, no artificial coloring or flavors. All-natural.

For more insight and a fantastic lifestyle, ideas visit www.ajvar.com.

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Ajvar Classic / Hot - Sweet Roasted Red peppers only – 94% (mild & hot version with chilies).

Ljutenica (hot) - or Ajvar with Tomato and Ajvar with spicy tomato ( a special recipe, with nothing but vegetables, slow-cooked into an amazing spread, creating an unforgettable taste of fire-roasted red pepper, garlic, and ripe tomatoes).

Allergy Information: Nut-free, sugar-free - Ajvar classic, gluten and dairy-free, Free of any additives, Vegetarian. Shelf life & packaging: 2 Years. Sold in cases of 6 x 550g (Ajvar Classic, Ajvar Hot and Lutenica),

Cases of 6 x 200g for Ajvar Classic (mild), Ajvar Hot, or Ajvar with Tomato and Spices (Ljutenica). Individual jars can be purchased from Ocado and Holland & Barrett online supermarket.

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Awards: Gold Great Taste Award 2013 went for Ajvar Classic (Mild), Gold Great Taste Award 2017 to Ajvar Hot!

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Serving suggestions: with jacket potatoes, paninis, burgers, pasta, pizza’s, mezze, etc etc. Visit www.ajvar.com for more delicious recipes!

Mild piquant meze: goes perfectly with nice crusty bread, strong cheeses, cold meats, eggs, fish, or as a side dish by itself, also great with jacket potatoes, paninis, burgers, pasta, pizza’s, mezze, or just straight from the jar!

Cheese and cold meat platter: goes also well with fish, and especially it is good as a side salad in winter months for any Roast meat, scrambled eggs, etc…For lots of culinary ideas and recipes with Ajvar please visit: https://www.ajvar.com/en/ajvar-recipes 

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