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Our premium products are made from the highest quality, naturally grown, hand-picked fruits and vegetables.

Welcome to Forest Bounty and Granny's Secret brands. We take pride in using centuries' old traditional processes - just like the Grandma! Granny's Secret is all about indulging the senses and bringing rich flavours and textures home. Our ranges of fine food products are free from artificial preservatives, additive-free, only all-natural flavourings, plus all are gluten-free. The tastes and flavours truly and genuinely celebrate traditional Balkan recipes. Our products bring you the very soul of tradition to satisfy every 'foodie'.

Using only carefully selected and hand-picked fruits and vegetables, cooked or processed within 24 hours of harvest. The rich agricultural region chosen holds trusted suppliers working in ecologically protected areas and woodlands.

Our products are multiple award-winning, for not only taste and quality, but also attractive packaging and presentation.

Ajvar - Roasted Red Pepper Spread

Ajvar spreads celebrate aromatic, open-fire, slow-roasted rich tasting red peppers. Delicious straight from the jar or cooked in a dish. View Range

Fruit & Vegetable Juices

100% pure fruit and vegetable juices, made by hand using cold pressing methods. View Range

100% Fruit Spreads

The fruit content of this best selling spread is 100%, all natural, nothing taken away and nothing added. View Range

Whole Fruit Preserves

Authentic tastes and aromas from hand-picked, naturally grown fruits to make a beautiful product. View Range

Extra Fruit Jam

Extra Fruit Jams are no ordinary jam, inspired by traditional recipes, superior quality and taste. View Range

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What People Say

I fell in love with it from my very first taste

I just got an apricot jam in my hands. I fell in love with it from my very first taste. It's like my mother would have made it. Where can we buy it in Sweden or is there a webshop we can buy from? Best regards.

Cornelia, Sweden

I am absolutely sold on these wonderful jams & preserves!

I am absolutely sold on these wonderful jams & preserves! You really deserve praise because the presentation is attractive to begin but the contents are fantastic & as I say to produce a Proustian experience of my childhood! Just wonderful! In particular, I am thrilled by the Apricot 100% & Rosehip 100% spread which reminds me of my childhood. Absolutely wonderful product & will try the Ajvar next!

Kate Hampton, Practice Manager, London