Great Taste Producer of Natural & Traditional
Spreads & Juices

Grannys Secret

Granny's Secret 100% Natural Fruit Juices

Using traditional, cold-pressed methods, bottling the highest quality produce.

Ajvar Grannys Secret Hot

Granny's Secret Ajvar

Using ancient, Balkan method and recipe, the hand-picked best regional peppers and slow-roasted. Only three ingredients!

Grannys Secret

Granny's Secret Whole Fruit Preserves

Hand-picked whole fruits slowly cooked to perfection, held in a sweet dessert coulis sauce.

Grannys Secret

Granny's Secret Extra Jams

A wide selection, from the well-known and less well-known, hand-selected fruits, with a higher fruit content than other brands for that extra fruity pleasure.

Grannys Secret

Granny's Secret Fruit & Honey

Highest quality soft fruits, blended harmoniously with honey, for a naturally sweetened spread everyone will love.

Grannys Secret

Forest Bounty 100% Fruit Spread

Fresh, true and deeply fruity, sweetened only with apple juice, nothing else added.


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A little bit about us...

Welcome to Forest Bounty and Granny's Secret brands. We take pride in using centuries' old traditional processes - just like the Grandma! Granny's Secret is all about indulging the senses and bringing rich flavours and textures home. Our ranges of fine food products are free from artificial preservatives, additive-free, only all-natural flavourings, plus all are gluten-free. The tastes and flavours truly and genuinely celebrate traditional Balkan recipes. Our products bring you the very soul of tradition to satisfy every 'foodie'.

Using only carefully selected and hand-picked fruits and vegetables, cooked or processed within 24 hours of harvest. The rich agricultural region chosen, holds trusted suppliers working in ecologically protected areas and woodlands.

Our products are multiple award-winning, for not only taste and quality, but also attractive packaging and presentation.


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What People Say

The most delicious juice I have ever had

I tried your sour cherry juice in our local deli and thought it was the most delicious juice I have ever had ! we run a small ballet school and would like to see a price list of products with a view to selling them there.


Delicious Magazine - May '14 'Hot on the shelves':

'Granny's Secret Ajvar Roasted Red pepper Spread, a Serbian delicacy, has an intense and pure flavour that's wonderful with mature cheddar - or simply spread on toast' being sold on Amazon

I love the story and look of Granny's Secret!

Hi Snezana, I love the story and look (congrats for the award!) of Granny's Secret! Where in Scotland can I find your products? I'm Romanian myself and totally in love with Serbian cuisine ;-) Many thanks and keep up the great work!
Thank you!