Granny's Secret Homemade Whole Fruit in sweet desert sauce - coulis is made in a home environment , on old traditional stoves, in big opened pots. 


We have transfused the authentic taste and aroma of hand-picked, only best fruits, into a sweetness of unique tastes. Traditional recipe, whole fruit remains quite firm after cooking.

The process of preserve production lasts for hours and demands big skills in order to gain quality and preserve nutritious substances from fruit. 

Awards: Sour Cherry Whole Fruit Preserve has won GTA Two Gold Stars in 2013...



Flavours: Sour Cherry, Wild Blueberries, Wild Blackberry, Wild Strawberries and Raspberry, 



Best use of our Whole fruit preserve is as a dessert topping!


Allergy Information: Nuts free, gluten and dairy free, Free of any additives, Vegetarian. Shelf life & packaging: 2 Years shelf life. Sold in cases of 6 (375 g jar).. Winning design packaging. 

Serving suggestions: as a topping on porridge, jogurt, rice pudding, ice cream, as addition to cheeses or cheese cakes, pancakes, or as a cooking sauce for pultry (pan fried duck etc).