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Juices and preserves, made from woodland fruit & vegetables, where nothing is added and nothing taken away!

Welcome to Forest Bounty and Granny's Secret brands now available in the UK, where we take pride in producing top quality products using our granma's tradition . Our premium fine foods and drinks are free from any artificial preservatives and flavouring. All Natural Traditional Balkan recipes, the ingredients sourced from our trusted suppliers from ecologically protected areas and the woodlands...

Freshly picked & cooked within 24 hours in season, 'Sunshine in jars', most often in order to preserve the Summer's crops for the Winter months....

Multi Award winning High quality products in the UK and Globally, both for its unique and true taste but also for presentation and packaging that stands out from the crowd...

Ajvar - Roasted Red Pepper Spread

Taste Ajvar and you are transported into the heart if the Serbian countryside with field upon field of red pepper stretching across the hills. Harvest is a family affair where peppers are ha… View Range

Fruit & Vegetable Juices

Handmade, cold pressed juices from fresh squeezed fruits. 100% Fruit; Nothing added and nothing taken away. View Range

Extra Fruit Jam

Extra jams & Fruit spreads: These are not ordinary fruit spreads - inspired by traditional recipes, quality and good taste, we prepare home made extra jams and butters. They have the highest… View Range

Fruit & Honey Spreads

Honey is a product that does not have any chemicals nor pesticides. It is easily digestible, with all ingredients completely absorbed by human body. In combination with fruits gives a great… View Range

Whole Fruit Preserves

We have transfused the authentic taste and aroma of hand-picked, organic fruits, into a sweetnes of unique tastes. The process of preserve production lasts for hours and demands big skills i… View Range

100% Fruit Spreads

Extra jams & Fruit butter: Inspired by traditional recipes, quality and good taste, we prepare homemade extra jams and butters. They are prepared exclusively in the domestic environment of t… View Range

Artisan Honey (Acacia)

We are bringing to you completely natural, delicious and luxurious, raw unprocessed honey , in two flavours: Acacia and Linden View Range

Zakuska Red Pepper Mezze

Zakuska is a traditional Macedonian dish over 100 years old, which is well received and in the whole of South Eastern Europe. View Range

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What People Say

I fell in love with it from my very first taste

I just got an apricot jam in my hands. I fell in love with it from my very first taste. It's like my mother would have made it. Where can we buy it in Sweden or is there a webshop we can buy from? Best regards.

Cornelia, Sweden

I am absolutely sold on these wonderful jams & preserves!

I am absolutely sold on these wonderful jams & preserves! You really deserve praise because the presentation is attractive to begin but the contents are fantastic & as I say produce a Proustian experience of my childhood! Just wonderful! In particular I am thrilled by the Apricot 100% & Rosehip 100% spread which reminds me of my childhood. Absolutely wonderful product & will try the Ajvar next!

Kate Hampton, Practice Manager, London

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