A Balkan Story - When you visit Serbia you will understand the strong connection between its people and the land. Even in the cities the traditions of the countryside persist. Green markets stacked with fruit and vegetables are present in every neighbourhood and every family understands and enjoys food prepared naturally and in accordance with recipes passed down through the generations.

Little wonder then that some of the best and most natural products are made in Serbia. Foodland, based at the foot of the Kopaonik Mountain in central Serbia, employs these traditional methods to process fruit and vegetables into the preserves and jams that you see on this website.

Taste Ajvar and you are transported into the heart of the Serbian countryside with field upon field of red pepper stretching across the hills. Harvest is a family affair where peppers are hand picked, smoked, peeled and cooked to perfection. The sights, sounds and smells of harvest and the preparation for the winter ahead echo back over the generations in a timeless  rhytm of work and harmony.

Try the Wild blueberry fruit juice, close your eyes and you will be walking in the woodland surrounded with fruit trees and berries, on a nice summer’s day, with a basket in your hands like if you were picking those raspberries, you can actually feel the fragrance  in the air of them being picked and placed in your hands….

'When thinking of wild blueberries, I am walking on my  gran-grandad’s and father’s land (the village called 'Milanovici'  back in the mid 19th Century) , where they were grown through generations…That land is a very special one, it has calmness and its beauty, it is surrounded by the fruit trees and bushes, and you can hear the birds singing every time you visit, any day of the year…and you can then understand my dad’s message: ‘live with the nature…’.

Today, my grandad’s successors are amongst the suppliers for some of the berries. Having this natural fruit nectars (and wonderful fruit preserves) here in the UK, as you can imagine, mean the whole world to me….A glass of blueberry juice, or a spoonfulI of fruit preserve or Ajvar from Serbia, and I travel back in time.. I also hope to pass this love on to my children, from my and their grandad… and I am on the mission..!.

Foodland’s (Granny's Secret) slavish adherence to traditional methods and hand processing means that you can enjoy these foods prepared without compromise.

snezanaKnowles-GrannysSecret.jpgSnezana grew up in the Serbian capital Belgrade, a city girl but with family roots deep in the Balkan countryside. Summers were spent with the family far from the city and amongst the people who understood nature and carried on the traditional methods of the countryside observing the cyles of the seasons. Is there a better place to grow fruits and vegetables? The winters are certainly harsh but spring brings the warmth of the Mediterranean sun combined with frequent rain. The long summer ripens the crops perfectly ready to be harvested and processed.

Graduating as an aeronautical engineer, Snezana moved to the UK in 1989 and had a distinguished career in the aerospace industry, however she has always retained a desire for the food she enjoyed growing up in Serbia and a strong belief that British people would also enjoy the quality and tastes of the Balkans. 2012 was the time to take the plunge and finally see these beautiful products in UK stores and restaurants. Snezana now leads a growing business  (under the umbrella of Milanovic Knowles Ltd), already making substantial inroads into the UK. One of the remarkable things experienced during her attendance at exhibitions and shows is the universal praise for the taste and packaging of the food and drinks. Even Ajvar, a roasted red pepper condiment unknown in the UK, is loved by everyone.

We are not sure where the story will end. It is surely true that British food lovers will increasingly demand a more natural and authentic product in shops. Japan, France,Germany, USA and many other countries enjoy Serbian quality from Foodland already, will the UK wake up to Granny's Secret bounty ...We think so….